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Horizons University, located in the Republic of France, operates under a license from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research with the recognition code UAI 0756324S. It is also authorized to register professional education activities both domestically and internationally by the Paris Regional Professional Training Control Department, with the recognition code 11756124075.

The main features

Horizons University is recognized by the French Ministry of Education for offering undergraduate and graduate programs. The educational programs at Horizons University are accredited by several reputable accreditation organizations.

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Horizons University is approved and legally authorized by the Ministry of Education of France to provide post-secondary education (Registration No, UAI 0756324S)

Qualiopi Certification

Qualiopi is a French educational quality certification mandated and validated by the French government. Horizons University is certificated by Qualiopi : Certificate n° RNW-23/07/1947-01

Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)

Membership of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs is a U.S. organization giving accreditation to business programs focused on teaching and learning.

European Council for Business Education (ECBE)

All Horizons University’s BBA, MBA, DBA and PhD degrees are accredited by ECBE (accreditation that accredits higher education programs across Europe to ensure excellence in business education and teaching)

Programs are accredited by Horizons University

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