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Swiss and receive MBA from the partner university

In contexts where SIMI Swiss's tuition fees are unaffordable and may not suit most students who still wish to enroll in the original SIMI Swiss program, MI Swiss allows students to study Swiss programs as official SIMI Swiss students while saving costs by obtaining qualification(s) from partner universities instead of pursuing the expensive SIMI Swiss programs.


Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management and Innovation (MI Swiss) is the International Co-operation Institute of SIMI Swiss. When participating in the program coordinated by MI Swiss with partner universities, students receive the following advantages:

80% Tuition Saving

Studying Swiss programs as an official SIMI Swiss student at a reduced tuition rate, while maintaining the same high standard and quality.

Multiple Qualifications

As the programs are accredited and recognized across various educational systems, students can earn multiple awards and recognitions after graduating.

Academic Support System

Students receive academic, English language support and academic mentoring through an exclusive support system from local science partners.

Flexible Learning Model

Live Class with SIMI Swiss's Lecturers, optimizing studying process for busy individuals.

Master in Business Administration Programs

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