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01 Who is MI Swiss?

The Swiss Institute for Management and Innovation (MI Swiss), known in German as the Schweizerischen Instituts für Management und Innovation, serves as an international cooperative institution affiliated with the Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss). It stands out as the first higher education institution in Zug, Switzerland. Licensed by the Canton of Zug, MI Swiss has been fully accredited and recognized by independent accrediting bodies and university partners.

MI Swiss implements programs offered by SIMI Swiss, but learners will receive their degrees from university partners rather than SIMI Swiss directly. This arrangement enables students to save significantly on tuition fees, as those for SIMI Swiss are notably high, while still providing access to Swiss-Made academic programs.

02 How does MI Swiss provide benefits for learners?

Because students can study Swiss programs and save on tuition fees by only receiving a degree from partner universities instead of from SIMI Swiss, participating in the MI Swiss program offers the following advantages:


  • Studying Swiss programs as an official student of SIMI Swiss.
  • Saving costs by receiving a degree from a partner university instead of the expensive programs of SIMI Swiss.
  • Due to the comprehensive accreditation of the program, students are simultaneously recognized by multiple partner universities, optimizing the process of obtaining and utilizing their degrees after graduation.
  • Benefiting from services as a Swiss student of SIMI Swiss.

03 Why do learners only get degrees from university partners?

As mentioned above, because the tuition fees of SIMI Swiss may not be affordable for the majority of students, receiving a degree from a partner university significantly reduces costs, while still allowing students to study the original SIMI Swiss program.


Although not receiving a degree from SIMI Swiss, since all of SIMI Swiss's partner universities are leading institutions with comprehensive accreditation, students still enjoy numerous benefits after graduation.

04 Is MI Swiss accredited?

As an official member specializing in international cooperation of the Swiss Information and Management Institute, all activities of MI Swiss adhere to the accredited standards of SIMI Swiss, including accreditations at both the organizational and program levels.

05 How will the university partner recognize the results?

Partner universities recognize the training process of MI Swiss and award degrees based on these results. For some programs, students are required to defend their thesis directly with the partner university after completing the courses at MI Swiss.

05 What methods will be used for the learners' education?

MI Swiss implements programs according to the work-based learning model, utilizing the STEP model which is a unique training and pedagogy method for work-based project programs.


It encompasses four key phases:


  • S - Self-Study in LMS (Learning Management System),
  • T - Training & Tutoring,
  • E - Evidence of Competency, and
  • P - Projects with Applied Knowledge.

This model is designed to bridge theory and practice, enhancing real-world skills and employability by allowing learners to master skills at their own pace, receive live or recorded training, gather evidence of competency, and compile knowledge into comprehensive projects.

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