London Examinations Board University of Gloucestershire

London Examinations Board
and University of Gloucestershire

About London Examinations Board (LEB)

LEB is a UK-based legal entity, registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers and the UK Education and Skills Funding Agency. LEB cooperates with universities in the UK and other countries to launch master's and bachelor's programs.

About University of Gloucestershire (UoG)

Established in 1847, Gloucestershire State University is one of the UK's leading universities, with a rich and prestigious educational history, cementing its position both in the UK and around the world. in the field of education.

Academic Partner

LEB cooperates with one of the leading universities in the UK - the University of Gloucestershire, to implement the online Top-up Master's phase.

SCQF Accreditation

LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration is accredited by the Scottish government, SCQF Level 11 corresponds to Master Level 7 of the EQF European competency framework.

Academic Achievements

UoG and LEB are proud to have achieved many achievements, especially those that reflect efforts in supporting students to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to develop their career path.

Programs are accredited by LEB & University of Gloucestershire

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