DBA – PHD in Management Majors (By Coursework)

Dual qualifications from the Swiss and French education systems:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Majors from the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS), Switzerland.
  • Doctor of Business Administration from Horizons University, France.


Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management and Innovation (MI Swiss) is the International Institute of SIMI Swiss. When participating in the program coordinated by MI Swiss with partner universities, students receive the following advantages:

80% Tuition Saving

Students can study the original Swiss program from SIMI Swiss and save up to 80% on costs compared to the original tuition fees by not receiving SIMI Swiss degrees directly and getting support from partner universities.

Multiple Qualifications

With comprehensive recognition of training results, students after graduation receive qualifications from SIMS Swiss and Horizons University, France.

Academic Support System

Personal research supervisor and additional support for publishing research papers in ISI/SCOPUS journals.

Flexible Learning Model

Live Class with SIMI Swiss's Lecturers, optimizing studying process for busy individuals.

Program in details

01 Introduction

The dual Doctorate program from MI Swiss combines a Professional Doctorate and a Ph.D., addressing the gap between hands-on research skills and academic knowledge.


The program is divided into two phases: (1) the phase of studying and researching in-depth organizational issues and (2) the phase of researching and drafting a PhD thesis. During this process, students will be guided by a team of experienced listeners and receive support from local partners.


In addition, the program also equips students with the ability to produce research works in prestigious journals such as ISI/SCOPUS, and helps them accumulate experience and capacity in both research fields.

Through the MI Swiss Institute for International Cooperation, fellows can participate in original programs and receive exclusive study support from SIMI Swiss, while also earning degrees from the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS Swiss). and Horizions University, France (HU). This model helps students save up to 80% of tuition compared to the original cost when not getting a degree directly from SIMI Swiss.

02 Program Details

The program includes Mandatory modules, a PhD Dissertation, and a period of publishing international articles in the journal system of the ISI/SCOPUS group. It consists of 150 ECTS Credits (corresponding to 300 UK Credits) lasting a minimum of 3 years and cannot be extended for more than 5 years.

Mandatory modules:
Doctor’s Dissertation Stage (60 UK/30 ECTS Credits):
  • Activity: Working with Research Supervisor for Dissertation
  • Activity: Present the research result in Colloquium
  • Activity: Defend the Dissertation
Publishing papers Stage (60 UK/30 ECTS Credits):
  • Course: How to Publish the Academic Paper
  • Activity: Public your research paper 
List of Ph.D in Majors of SIMS Swiss:
  • International Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Management of Insurance Operations
  • Tourism Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Engineering Management
  • E-commerce Management
  • Information System Management
  • Design Management
  • Management of Non-profit Organisations

And other majors depend on graduate projects. 

Graduating from the program, the learner could:

1. Develop research aligned with the context of the Management and Administration research major

  • Assess the importance, practicality, and research feasibility of the Management and Administration research topic.
  • Develop and adjust the research purpose to align with the direction and research objectives and within the time constraints.
  • Analyze and evaluate various research options, making appropriate choices.

2. Possess the ability to gather, organize, and select relevant theoretical foundations for doctoral research.

  • Compile theoretical foundations related to business and management research.
  • Categorize and form a theoretical structure to serve the scientific management research topic.

3. The ability to design comprehensive research

  • Review precedent studies and select relevant research to support the intended research.
  • Design research in line with research objectives, research questions, and the research timeframe.
  • Adjust the chosen research methods considering research ethics and feasibility.

4. The capability to formulate a research proposal and the completed research.

  • Formulate research questions and review theoretical foundations and research models.
  • Construct research following international standards by developing a complete doctoral thesis in the selected majors.
  • Present research to the scientific council.
  • Possess the ability to defend and persuade.
Assessment and Confirmation of Academic Results:

All modules and doctoral dissertations in the program undergo evaluation by both SIMS Swiss and Horizons University. Learners are required to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and the attainment of competencies as outlined in detail in the program’s syllabus. This rigorous evaluation process ensures that candidates meet the established standards and objectives of the program.

03 Admission

In addition to the entry requirements, candidates applying to the program are also assessed for their suitability by the admissions committee before joining the program to ensure that they can acquire and benefit from the program.

Entry requirements:

To enroll this program, learners must possess one of the criteria below:

  • Learners must be over 24 years old; 
  • And a Master’s qualification in Majors from accredited universities; 
  • Or a Level 7 EQF diploma or equivalent. Level 7 Diploma must be from organizations that are authorized to issue qualifications and have been accredited.
English requirements:

If a learner is not from a predominantly English-speaking country, proof of English language proficiency must be provided.

  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level B2 or equivalent;
  • Or a minimum TOEFL score of 101 or IELTS 6.5; Reading and Writing must be at 6.5 or equivalent.

Please note: SIMI and MI Swiss reserve the right to make admissions decisions based on the requirements of recognized agencies and the global quotas of the program.

04 Learning method

MI Swiss functions as an International Cooperation Institute of the Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss), established with the aim of providing learners with more opportunities to participate in Swiss programs in the context that SIMI Swiss's tuition subsidy programs have reached their maximum quota.
MI Swiss implements SIMI Swiss programs, but learners will receive their qualifications from university partners, allowing students to save on tuition fees while still accessing Swiss-Made academic programs at a more affordable cost
Learning mode
With the goal of providing an effective learning experience and adapting to the global educational landscape, programs at SIMI Swiss apply a flexible learning model (combining Live classes and online local tutors), helping to optimize learning efficiency for busy working people.
The video provides learners with a direct and comprehensive overview of enrolling in online classes at SIMI Swiss: 
Supporting Systems:
We understand that pursuing a postgraduate accredited program can be both exciting and challenging, especially for busy adult learners. To assist in overcoming challenges, we’ve developed the SIMI Swiss Supporting Systems, designed to help navigate any difficulties during learners studies.
For a comprehensive overview of our support, please watch our informative videos for assistance at every step of your academic journey:
Effective SIMI Pedagogy:
At SIMI, we pay special attention to the effectiveness of our programs. As for our exclusive teaching method specifically designed for busy learners, we strongly believe that this method will allow learners to seamlessly integrate foundational theory and professional knowledge into the context of real life and career.
The following video will help you understand this method more deeply: 

05 Support of Personal Research Supervisor

According to numerous studies, one of the most significant challenges faced by doctoral students is the lack of a guiding faculty member to accompany, support, and advise them throughout their research period. Furthermore, 80% of doctoral students who fail to graduate on time or are forced to abandon their programs halfway do so because of this issue.
Understanding this, SIMI Swiss and MI Swiss has implemented a program with dedicated research mentors to support and guide students throughout their research development phase, following the completion of their proposal through various courses.
Although instructors are not directly involved in conducting student research, their support and experience are still important. This helps ensure that students have a solid foundation to complete research quality and on time, while also facilitating publication of research work in prestigious journals such as ISI /SCOPUS.
  • Access the Academic Support Portal: CLICK HERE
  • The video provide learners with a direct and comprehensive overview of the exclusive Research Support System at SIMI Swiss: CLICK HERE

06 Publishing Research Papers in ISI/SCOPUS

Being able to publish international articles is a crucial skill that helps establish a researcher's standing. Moreover, it aids in disseminating high-quality research, contributing to the spread of human knowledge.


The Dual Doctorate program does not require students to publish international articles. However, it always keeps this opportunity open, along with providing additional support activities to assist those students who wish to publish their research in prestigious ISI/SCOPUS journals.


After completing their research, students who wish to do so will be assigned an international publication advisor (who may be the same as or different from their research mentor) and will have access to additional workshops designed to help them excel in publishing their work.

  • Access the Portal for the International Research Paper Publishing Support System: CLICK HERE
  • The video provides learners with a direct and comprehensive overview of the exclusive scientific article publishing support system at SIMI Swiss: CLICK HERE

07 Seminar (Optional)

In the MI Swiss Doctoral program, emphasis is placed on both acquiring knowledge and expanding professional relationships while staying current with scientific advancements. 


SIMI Swiss, the governing body of MI Swiss, collaborates with partner universities to organize mandatory seminars for students. After attending a seminar abroad, students engage in networking activities to build connections within the academic and professional communities.

SIMI Swiss collaborates with SIMS Swiss in the organization of seminars and networking activities:


08 Horizons University

About Horizons University, France:

  • Approved and recognized for undergraduate and postgraduate training activities by the French Ministry of Education;
  • Recognized training activities in France and abroad by the Paris professional training department;
  • Achieved the French Qualiopi quality education certificate;
  • Program accreditation by Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP);
  • Program accreditation by the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). ECBE is a member of ENQA;
  • A member of the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE).


  • See more information about Horizons University: CLICK HERE
  • Guidelines of how to check the accreditation of Horizons University: CLICK HERE
  • Why is Horizons University Unique? CLICK HERE

Please note: In France, there are two diploma systems: the National Diplomas and the University Diplomas. National Diplomas are national diploma system granted by the French Ministry of Education through national exams and studying French national curriculum in French. University Diplomas are diploma system granted by universities through examinations organized by the universities, along with evaluation from independent internal and external accreditation systems.

Horizons University's Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral qualifications belong to the University Diplomas system.

09 SIMS Swiss

Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) has been recognized by many reputable organizations worldwide for its outstanding achievements in providing excellent education for students, including:
  • Membership at the Federal level of the Swiss Federation of Adult Learning (SVEB);
  • Accreditation of its management system compatible with the European Quality Assurance Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET) and Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, granted by the Higher Education Accreditation Division (HEAD);
  • Accreditation of programs by the UK.Gov Awarding Bodies, including OTHM and ATHE;
  • Recognition of programs by the National Qualifications Framework of the United Kingdom.
  • Introduction about the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS): CLICK HERE
  • See more information about the accreditation and recognition of SIMS Swiss CLICK HERE
Please note: The Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) is a higher education institution accredited in Zug, Switzerland. As a private university, SIMS is not part of the Swiss federal public education system and is not subject to the Federal Act of 30 September 2011 on the Funding and Coordination of the Higher Education Sector (HEdA), SR 414.11. SIMS degrees belong to the Private Degree.

10 Recognition Program

Through the MI Swiss International Cooperation Institute, students can directly study the program of SIMI Swiss but only receive qualification(s) from partner universities, helping students save on tuition and may access scholarships from partner universities.
  • Accreditation on the Swiss Government Education Portal SVEB: CLICK HERE
  • Accreditation of SIMI Swiss accreditations and recognitions: CLICK HERE

11 Apostille

According to Clause 2, Article 2 of Decree 111/2011/ND-CP, "Apostille" is defined and interpreted as the Vietnamese competent authority certifying the seal, signature, and title on foreign documents so that these documents can be legally recognized and used in Vietnam.

Apostille certifies the seal, signature, and title on documents.


Apostille on the diploma from Horizons University:

Note: The information provided here is accurate as of the publication date, and the content may be subject to changes based on the regulations of each country without prior notice.

12 Disclaimer

The Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss), MI Swiss along with our Partner Universities, Academic Partners, Local Supporting Partners, and Qualification Awarding Bodies (collectively referred to as the 'Parties' or 'We'), hereby state and affirm that:

  • The Parties expressly disclaim any guarantee of acceptance of a degree by a third party. The acceptance or rejection of a degree is contingent upon the discretion of the receiving entity.
  • The Parties explicitly disavow any guarantee pertaining to salary increments, promotions, new employment opportunities, or employment acceptance subsequent to graduation.
  • Although there exist regulations concerning cross-recognition and equivalence of qualifications, it is important to note that each country, organization, and entity retains the right to acknowledge and recognize its own degrees. The Parties do not assure automatic recognition of degrees during the diploma and certificate usage process, including the issuing of transcripts, by any of our members. Furthermore, the Parties do not assure or endorse the process of recognizing equivalent qualifications (if applicable).
  • The Parties do not assure or commit to facilitating opportunities for immigration, employment abroad, acquisition of work permits, teaching permits, or professional licenses in the UK, Europe, or any other country.
  • While the Parties extend maximum support, they do not guarantee 100% approval of student visas (in the case of full-time study) or Schengen visas (for attendance at the graduation ceremony in Europe) if learners do not meet the requirements of the host country and the competent authority responsible for immigration, relocation, and settlement in other countries.

Accreditation and Recognition of Horizons University, French

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